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We’re Nic and Debs and we’re here to help. We are both successful, practicing therapists with former careers in marketing and PR and we have over 50 years of combined experience in those industries. By growing our own therapy practices and helping others along the way to do the same, we have developed a proven strategy that can help you start up or build up your existing therapy business into highly successful enterprise!

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These are the three main pillars of our programme that will help you supercharge the marketing of your therapy business and get more clients. If you want to dive straight in, order our video below!

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TMS started when we ran our ‘Do You Want More Clients’ course for post-graduate hypnotherapists. The feedback was so positive that we rolled out the course to therapists in general, and it has now been integrated into Diploma courses run by therapy training schools.

To satisfy demand from within the UK and overseas, we filmed the half-day course in Sidmouth in front of an audience of therapists and it is now available as a DVD for just £24.95 or MP4 download for just £19.99!

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We have developed a range of courses covering:

  • Attracting more clients
  • Setting up a therapy business
  • Getting started on social media

We have developed the courses in response to demand from qualified therapists who tell us they are lacking the skills and confidence to build their practice. We get a real buzz from de-mystifying marketing jargon and motivating therapists to take action.

Courses are available to groups and colleges and most can either be run as fast-paced, half-day sessions, or full-day courses. We adapt the content to suit the audience, e.g. graduates vs qualified therapists, different types of therapy, etc.


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We share our wealth of experience in a range of articles and step-by-step guidance in how to market your therapy practice. For example:

Our knowledgebase is growing all the time, so if your want to really get stuck into some essential reading then check out the full archive and come back regularly for more...

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