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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

We are Film Stars!

We have completed the filming of our Do You Want More Clients course

We have just spent an amazing day in Sidmouth, filming our half-day Do You Want More Clients course. We had a fab audience of therapists and other sole traders who were really patient during the filming and even asked their questions to camera for our Questions and Answers section. They gave us some lovely video testimonials too.

We are absolutely buzzing and can’t wait to get busy helping the cameraman edit the footage to create a polished video that we can share with therapists all over the country. There’s plenty of work to do, not only editing the film, but creating the DVD packaging and promotional literature ready for the DVD launch at Camexpo next month.

Mighty exciting!

Top Tip - Tapping into Local Newspapers and Magazines

If you phone up your local magazine and newspapers and ask for their Features List you can find out what they are planning to write about.  Some even publish this on their website under the Editorial section.

This means you can consider writing a relevant article or sending them a press release in time for this specific feature eg on well-being, insomnia, diets, etc.

Once you get your name out there on a reasonably regular basis, people begin to recognise your brand. This works in conjunction with any advertisements you may be running, whether online or in the press.  Editorial content is so important and it's not necessarily one you will see a definitive response to in a client phoning up directly (although that happens frequently). Editorial content is a gradual build-up in the background that gives your marketing impact. 

We explain how to write a press release and run a co-ordinated campaign on our Do You Want More Clients course. 

Nic & Debs


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