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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Show and Tell

Look into my eyes…

There's nothing quite like giving a demonstration to help people understand exactly what you do.  When we give talks or run therapy-related workshops we routinely include a guided visualisation session (ie hypnosis) at the end so that attendees can experience it first-hand.  We've shown them it's not as alarming as it's sometimes portrayed and they can leave being able to talk more knowledgeably to their friends about what is involved.

Practical demonstration

When Debs was a massage therapist she used to take her couch and oils whenever she gave talks, she'd ask for a volunteer and demonstrate a back massage whilst explaining what she was doing (having first carried out an assessment of contra-indications).  The attendees really enjoyed the practical demo (especially the volunteer) and those that had never had a massage had a better understanding of what was involved, and were thus more likely to book a session.  Debs demystified the subject of massage.

Demystify your therapy

Giving a demo or incorporating audience participation is a great way of being remembered and you're more likely to be invited back for future talks.

You may not feel your therapy needs demystifying, but just ask a few friends if they really know how they'd benefit or what they would gain - you could be surprised! 

Take Action:

Offer a demo of your therapy to a local group or club!

Nic & Debs


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