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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Three Quick Tips to Boost your Online Profile

1. Google My Business (formerly Google Places)

In order to get your website onto page one of the search results, register your business with Google My Business allows your website to be found more easily on Google searches and it shows up on Google Maps. 

All you have to do is fill out the form and register, you'll then receive a pin number through the post at each of the business addresses you've registered (yes, you can register more than one clinic) and you enter that pin number to verify you're a real person at that address. Yahoo! also has a big database of businesses called Yahoo! Local free and worth the few minutes it takes to set up.

Microsoft's Bing has a similar service that's easy to sign up for.

Don't forget, if you get stuck on any of this, simply go onto YouTube and search on what you want to do.  This means you can play the video, pausing when you need to, and get step-by- step instruction on how to do it.

2. Optimise your website

Search engine optimisation cannot be underestimated in the world of constant Googling. There are loads of books on the subject, and of course our blog posts cover the topic, so it’s worth investing some time to make sure your site is primed for performance on search engines.

3. Interact with social media

Go to the search bar and search on your type of therapy to find 'groups' that are relevant to your business.  Then interact with those groups by adding valuable comments - don't just sell!  Express your opinion and/or give advice.  Then, occasionally, link back to your business page by saying you have 'more info there'. Adding valuable content to your business page attracts visitors which in turn gets more people visiting your website.

When searching, make sure you add the word 'group' in your search criteria, i.e. insomnia group.  If you can't find any good groups that represent your individual therapy, then simply go for health groups etc.  The reason we say search for 'groups' to interact with is that you'll usually have many more people interacting there, whereas 'like pages' i.e. business pages, probably won't be helpful as they'll simply be self-employed people trying to sell their products/services. 

Take Action to boost your online profile!

Nic and Debs


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