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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Eat Your Frog First

Achieving Success

There's a metaphor we use in Hypnotherapy sometimes to encourage clients to do things they've been putting off.  It goes something like this...

An airman is shot down behind enemy lines and crash lands his plane in a swamp. He knows it will be many months before he can be rescued. He discovers that the only thing that's edible in this inhospitable environment are frogs. They taste horrible. He also discovers that one frog a day is enough to sustain him. Then he discovers that if he puts off eating his frog until later in the day, he feels miserable, frustrated and anxious, but as soon as gets the deed done he feels a sense of achievement and relief that he's got this horrible chore out of the way. Finally he discovers that if he eats his frog first thing in the morning, he can enjoy that sense of achievement and relief all day long, and his day isn't ruined by thinking about having to eat the frog.

Stop putting things off

So, what do you keep putting off?  Nic and Debs regularly hear from therapists who say they "hate marketing" or they'll "start to really promote themselves once their leaflet is complete" which is dependent on "getting their photo done" or "deciding where to practice".

So, stop putting things off.  Take Action!

Here's a suggestion for kick-starting your frog-eating

Get 10 postcard sized pieces of paper and on each one write one action you can do to promote your practice. Now come on, really do it!!  Some will be easy and you'll enjoy doing them, others will be more difficult and will almost seem like eating frogs. It doesn't matter, write them down anyway. If you're stuck for ideas, view our DVD again.

Now arrange the pieces of paper left to right in order of difficulty, with the easy ones at the left and the harder ones towards the right.

Now put the pieces of paper in a pile with the hardest one on the top.

Now Take Action on the first idea on your pile!  See how good it feels to make progress on that difficult task?  Chances are it won't be nearly as difficult as you imagined it would be, and you will feel sooooo pleased with yourself!  And of course you can enjoy the fact that the tasks will just get easier and easier as you work your way through them.

Remember to reward yourself when you reach a milestone or complete a task, maybe a soak in the bath, or a half-hour Facebook fix.

Let us know how you get on when you start eating your frogs!

Take action to eat your frog.

Nic and Debs


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