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Nic and Debs

We’ve been busy!

Live training events

Well, we've had a busy couple of months here at TMS. We've been in London twice, delivering our half-day course to a group of therapists-in-training as part of their diploma course, we also gave a fast-paced, fact-filled presentation to a group of Nutritionists at their Graduate Starter Seminar. We also ran a Webinar on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) last month.  

Next we're off to Manchester to run the half-day course again. We get fantastic feedback from these events, we love enthusing about our own therapy businesses and how we get our clients, so if you're needing more clients do out our course.  We're ever so friendly, so the afternoon will be full of smiles! 

July will be busier than ever, with another presentation to Nutritionists in London on the 6th followed by the Exeter School of Bodywork's Open Day on the 7th, when we'll be delivering our course to Devon-based therapists.  That'll be a busy weekend! 

We've now got over 2,300 Twitter followers and again, we're getting wonderful feedback on our Tweets (such a thrill when someone ReTweets you!). You can follow our marketing tips and news at

Top Tips from our Tweets:

1.  Are you an energy drain or an energy radiator? Adopt a positive attitude and bowl people over with your enthusiasm for your therapy.

2. Build relationships with local suppliers so they know who you are, we get referrals doing that!

3. 80% of new business comes after the 4th time a potential client sees your name or product. Keep marketing!

4. Two therapists who clubbed together and got our DVD sit and watch it together report they're now motivated!

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Nic and Debs


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