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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Quality Time

How much time do you spend on Marketing?

When we deliver our Do You Want More Clients? course to therapists, one of the questions we ask is, "How much time do you plan to spend on marketing your practice?"

Right from day one Nic has set aside one day a week for marketing activities. That's a big chunk of her week, but it pays dividends and most of the time she has a waiting list of clients.  

Of course, that doesn't mean she barricades herself in her office pumping out articles, press releases or social media content (although that is part of her marketing strategy). She's just as likely to be out and about, meeting other therapists or business owners for coffee, enthusing about her therapy and showing a genuine interest in their passion. Informal networking is very effective - and enjoyable!

Nic's also mindful about time-hungry activities, especially social media. So, she's very disciplined about setting aside short periods of time to Tweet or post on Facebook.

This is a great approach because it means she keeps the momentum going and also she can give the promotional aspects her full attention.

Take Action to earmark some marketing time now.

Maybe it's Wednesday afternoon, or Friday morning, or an hour each evening. It doesn't matter when it is. What's really important is that you identify a time when you focus on marketing your practice, and you stick to it. 

Take Action to plan in Marketing time.

Nic and Debs


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