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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Make the Most of Silly Season

What exactly is Silly Season?

Silly Season is a journalistic term referring to the slow-news period during the summer months. This is when Parliament is in recess, so there are no speeches, debates, elections or laws being proposed during this time. Consequently, juicy news can be thin on the ground. 

So, if you have a story to tell, Silly Season is a good time to get it noticed. The period between Christmas and the New Year is another good time for similar reasons - have you noticed that your local newspaper gets thinner at these times?

So, how can you capitalise on this lull in mainstream news?

Well, if you've done anything remotely newsworthy it's worth issuing a press release - not just to the printed publications, but also to their online counterparts too. Most newspapers have an online version and it's often easier to get your story included in the web based version than the hard copy.

Here are a few ideas that might appeal to the press:

 you've recently gained a new qualification

 you've won an award

 you've just seen your 500th client

 you're looking for volunteer clients for a charity sponsored slim / massage marathon / practising your new skill

 you're giving a talk, running a workshop, attending a well-being event

And more ideas:

If you're a member of a Professional Association, they may well issue sample or template press releases for your use. The CNHC can be a good source too.

Another way of getting content for a press release is to Google your therapy with the word 'news' after it, i.e. 'acupuncture news'.  See if there's anything interesting being said.  Also, what Awareness Days are coming up e.g. Aromatherapy Awareness Week, 9-15 June 2014.

Remember to maximise the impact of your news by blogging about it, posting it on Facebook, Tweeting etc.

Take Action to get noticed in the press.

Nic and Debs


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