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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Is it time to refresh your Website?

Update your website content

Remember that if you're going to make it to the top of the rankings on search engines, such as Google, then you need to change the content of your website occasionally.  This is also the case if you're already at the top of the rankings in order to stay there.  

Now we don't mean you need to do a complete overhaul, but revisit one or two pages every six to eight weeks and change them around a bit.  Possibly add a new paragraph, move around some words in a sentence etc.  This shows Google that you're taking an interest in your site and it will give you 'Google-juice' and lift your site over and above a comparable site that hasn't changed.

Run a Quick Health Check on your Links                      

When was the last time you checked your entries on various directories? We're often surprised at missed opportunities caused by missing or broken links to emails, websites and social media.

Take a few moments now to check that all your links are working:

 Check that your email signature links through to your website/FB/Twitter

 Access your website and click on all the links, send yourself an email from your website

 Access your LinkedIn entry and check the links are still relevant and working.

 Make sure your Twitter profile includes your web address - and that the link is OK

 If you're a member of a professional organisation, CNHC, Federation of Small Businesses etc, check all your entries - send yourself an email from each one

Take Action to make the most of your online presence

Nic and Debs


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