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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths
Debs at a TMS event!

Promotional Events

Well-being events

Well-being or pamper events, where you team up with other therapists to give taster sessions, can be a great way of showcasing your skills. But only if you get people through the door. 

We've both had experiences of events that have been well supported and those that have only attracted a handful of people. Of course, if only a few people turn up, all is not lost - you'll have gained exposure in the pre-event publicity and it's a good opportunity to network with the other therapists.

Here are some tips to maximise attendance and get the most from the event:

 Invite local traders, crafts people or party planners (Body Shop etc) to have a stand at a nominal charge - say £10 or £20. These people are great networkers and will help to publicise your event. 

 Sell tickets in advance. They don't need to be expensive, £5 is ideal, with the proceeds going to a local charity. Give the participating therapists and traders 10 tickets each to sell, that way you're guaranteed that some people will attend. Check up on how well ticket sales are going and redistribute unsold tickets. Ask the charity and the venue to sell tickets too. Debs recently attended an event run on this basis and over 60 people turned up, raising over £600 for the Sidmouth Lifeboat charity.

 If your therapy is a bit unusual, invite a friend or two along to take the first couple of time slots, so that people can see what it is you do - oh and ask them to wander around looking serene saying what a fabulous taster session they've just had. (Yup - Debs did that too!)

 Generate tons of pre-event energy via social media. Keep people up to date with progress - found a fab venue, xyz trader is now on board, we now have 15 therapists coming etc. Nic used this very effectively for the opening of her new clinic. One of the therapists asked how she got so many people there and she replied with one word "Facebook"!  She worked hard at constantly getting the message out there though, it wasn't a case of just 2 or 3 posts, more like 20 to 30.  

 Remember to issue a press release - you may even get a press photographer to come along, especially if it's a local charity you're supporting.


You can piggy-back on a larger event and have a Pampering Corner, eg:

 Village fete (they still have 'em out in the sticks you know! )

 Children in Need / Comic Relief

 Local Hospice or other charity open day


Remember to enjoy the experience! 

Take Action to make the most of Well-being events!

Nic and Debs


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