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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Improving your Search Engine Rankings

Linking from Social Media

Did you know that Google will now increase your search engine rankings more if it sees visitors arriving to your site from social media websites?

Yes, this means that if you link through to your website from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube,  LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc etc, Google will see this and give you extra brownie points - or Google juice as it's known as.  

Why?  Well Google's job is to deliver the best possible search results to a person's search request.  If you Google 'plumber in Plymouth' then Google's job is to come up with the best website it feels is relevant.  At the same time it'll be showing you the adverts at the top of the Google page and in the right hand column, so all of those are paid for.  But the main body of the page will be the generic results.  Google is therefore looking for sites that are relevant - this is why it's important that your website states clearly what you do and what the benefits of your treatment are to your client. 

However, if people are chatting about you on social media and then follow a website link through to your site, Google can track this and presumes because people are talking about you and coming to your site, you must be an authority on the subject and that's why it'll reward you.

This is all great news for those who are into social media.  However, we are aware that many therapists aren't on social media or don't understand or enjoy it.

Moving with the times

Time for a story.  Nic used to take hew elderly late Aunt out into Tetbury and one of the jobs was to go to the cash point machine to get some cash out for her.  Each week, despite what Nic would say, she'd push her card in and shout out her pin number as she typed in the numbers.  She didn't get the fact this was potentially causing her a future problem. 

Now, when smart phones came along Nic was quite emotionally attached to her old basic phone until her son reminded her of her late Aunt and how she struggled to keep up with the times.  His words were "If you don't keep up with technology now, where will you be when you're 87 like Aunty was".  His words struck a chord, so Nic switched to a smart phone where she can do all sorts now and it's now a pattern of behaviour that she doesn’t think twice about.  But she had to learn it in the first place.

Social media is the same.  We can't stop the sway towards this medium and given the stats, our businesses are very likely to suffer if we don't embrace it.  Google is a power to be reckoned with and will make a difference to the number of potential clients you get through your door.

Learn the basics step by step

So set aside some time to learn how to make the most of at least one platform.  The key is to take the pressure off yourself and just take it step by step.

For those already on social media - make sure you're sending out regular messages on exactly what it is you do so that people can share or retweet.  We try to retweet our followers, but frequently when we go onto their page all we see is what they've retweeted.  This is ducking out.  You need to be saying what the advantages of your therapy are.  Remember to occasionally, maybe once a day, link back to your website to encourage that traffic.


Take Action – get yourself up and running on at least one social platform

Nic and Debs


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