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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Adding that Magic Sparkle to your Practice

Never underestimate the impact of your sessions

One of the great benefits of getting together with other therapists is that you get to find out what they did before (or are doing alongside) their therapy, and we are privileged to know a Magician & Entertainer who is also a Hypnotherapist. At a recent get together he pointed out that everything we do and say from the moment a client arrives for their session to the moment they leave, is part and parcel of the therapy. And we need to make every second count.

This was brought home to Debs when she visited a London Gallery and suddenly found herself in front of some of the world's most famous paintings. She literally stumbled upon them by making a detour on her way out of the gallery. There was no pre-warning signage, no fanfare, no awesome setting - the paintings were just there, hanging on the wall amongst many other works of art.

And that, along with our Magician friend, got us thinking about how we make our therapy sessions into a special experience.

So, how magical is your therapy experience?

It's worth giving some thought to every aspect of your clients' journey through their session:

 How clean and tidy is the entrance to your therapy centre? 

 Do you have 'housekeeping' posters intended for therapists in the client waiting area, eg 'Please wash up your own dishes', 'Don't forget to set the alarm when you leave' etc

 Is the leaflet rack well stocked with crisp, professional leaflets.

 Are the posters on the wall still relevant?

 Do you greet your clients with a smile and upbeat manner?

 Think about how you hang their coat, or invite them to sit down. Make a show of it to contribute to the performance.

 If you offer your clients a glass of water, get some good quality glasses.

 Are the bins in the therapy room empty?

 Make sure you use positive language throughout the session, helping them to feel happier than when they arrived.

It's worth taking time out to think about how to add that extra sparkle - your clients will appreciate the magic!

Take Action to maximise the sparkle!

Nic and Debs


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