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If you have attended any of our courses, or watched our DVD, you'll be aware that we recommend promoting yourself across all types of media. Frequently small businesses focus all their marketing activity in one medium, eg online, mainstream press or leaflets, etc.

The issue here is that:

 You are excluding potential clients who are more responsive to the media you are not using

 You risk seeing your business decline if the medium you are using becomes outdated 

We have both come across long-established therapists who are finding their Yellow Pages adverts are no longer performing and are wondering if they should get a website.

So, which platforms are best for your business?

There is of course no right answer. Only last week, Debs spotted conflicting advice with press articles declaring:

 Websites are obsolete - Social Media platforms have replaced them

 Social Media is a waste of time for small business

and of course mainstream press is under continued pressure from online portals.  This is why we recommend spreading your PR-juice across various platforms.

In our view a good website is an essential component of your marketing mix. Whereas, in the past, Yellow Pages was the first port of call when searching for a service and the view was that you were  'genuine' if you appeared there, this role has now been superseded by websites. People feel reassured if they see you have a well-designed site.  It also gives you an opportunity to share much more information in a well-laid out area.

If you want to expand your presence in 2016, consider evolving your marketing activity into a new medium, eg:

 Blog

 Facebook

 Twitter

 Pinterest

 Website

 Google Adwords

 Local press advertising

 Workshops

 e-newsletters

So choose a new route, research how to do it (YouTube is excellent for this) and pump the energy out there! Remember, you only have to learn a new skill once. By the time you've repeated it several times it will become second nature.

Take Action to spread your marketing message across different media

Nic and Debs


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