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Making the most of Newsletters

Newsletters are great to keep you in clients’ minds

Whether you practise the kind of therapy where clients stay with you for years, or whether you help them for a few months until they are better, sending newsletters can be a great way of keeping you fresh in their minds.

Hard copy (printed) newsletters have more impact and staying power, but are costly to post, so sending e-newsletters is a great, cost-effective alternative.

Important points to bear in mind

It's important to be aware that you need the recipient's permission to send marketing material via email - they need to 'opt-in'. We ask all new clients for their email address and ask if they are happy to receive the occasional e-newsletter. 

It's also important to maintain data confidentiality. If you are going to use your normal email address to send out your newsletter, make sure you put all the email addresses in the 'Bcc' box and not the 'To' box, otherwise all of your clients will be able to see everyone else's email address. There was a case where an Aids clinic used the 'To' box to send a message to all their patients, which meant all the recipients knew who else was being treated there.

Special email software

Actually, we recommend that you don't use your main email address for sending bulk emails, as you run the risk of being identified as a spammer and having your email address blocked. Instead you should use Email Management Software (EMS), which automatically hides others' email addresses, gives recipients the opportunity to 'opt-out' and provides you with stats on open rates etc. 

The two main EMS suppliers are MailChimp (which is free at the basic level) and Constant Contact (which we use). You can store all the email addresses that you have collected, and then you create your newsletter using one of many templates provided within the EMS, tell the EMS who you want to send the e-newsletter to and then schedule it to be pinged out at a time when you think people are likely to read it.

What to write about 

As far as content goes, your e-newsletter doesn't have to be very long. You'll need some news about yourself - mention any CPDs you've attended, or a milestone in your practice. If you've come across any interesting articles or videos you think your clients might be interested in, write a short intro blurb and provide a link from within your newsletter. Remember to include photos to break up the text and a link back to your main website to encourage those visitors!

It's a good idea to include a discount coupon for their next session, or if your former clients are now better, the coupon could be for a friend or relative.

We have some great ideas on this in our Download 'Do You Want More Clients?' available in Windows or Mac format.

Remember, former clients can be fantastic ambassadors for you, so nurture your relationship with them by keeping in touch via an e-newsletter.

Take Action to do create a newsletter for your clients

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