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Inspiration for Blogs and Posts

Great tips for material for your Blog or Social Media posts.

Every time a client asks you a question about your therapy, jot the question down.

As hypnotherapists, we're used to people asking us if we'll make them squawk like chickens, or if they will lose control. As a massage therapist you may get questions like, "will I be able to drive afterwards?", "why do I sometimes get a headache after a massage" or whatever.

You can make individual blogs or posts from each question and answer them individually, or have a combined post of 'this month's most frequently asked questions'.

You'll find your clients (or indeed other therapists) are a rich source of material. All you need to do is remember to write the question down while it's fresh in your mind.

Chances are, prospective clients will have similar questions on their minds, and will appreciate the fact that you are so knowledgeable about your subject.

Another great tip

Keep an eye on what the mainstream media are saying about your therapy, or any topic related to it. The BBC website is a great source.  Then you can link to the article from your blog or post, but do remember to add some value, eg this article demonstrating how massage can reduce stress is great news because…

Avoid copying and pasting the text and giving the impression it’s your own original material, or making a spurious claim which the authors may disagree with.

Take Action to create a library of ideas for your blogs and posts

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