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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

The Power of Abundance

The effect of the subconscious mind

As hypnotherapists, we both know the power the subconscious can exert on our behaviour. And of course, because these thoughts are SUBCONSCIOUS, we are not consciously aware of them.

Take the example of Debs and the free CDs that she hands to new clients. She has noticed that if stocks get low, the number of new clients begins to drop. Debs knows very well that this is no coincidence. Her subconscious is preventing her from putting the same amount of energy into promoting herself to avoid the embarrassment of not having a CD for a new client. 

Consequently, having noticed this, she now never lets her stocks get below a month's worth of CDs.

When Debs feels abundant she can really pump the energy out. (By the way, she applies the same principle to the padded envelopes for our DVDs).

Nic has been saying for years now that if she concentrates on how many clients she wants in a particular clinic then it tends to happen that way.   

How does it work?

There is now scientific evidence to show how and why this works.  Nic is very cynical when it comes to some things, she needs to see the evidence, yet she's known for a long time that if you concentrate on what you want it tends to help promote the energy and hey presto, positive things happen. 

What subconscious blocks are preventing you from attracting new clients? These blocks can be very subtle. Are your stocks of literature or products low? Is your couch cover or massage tunic looking a bit tired? Do you need to replace one of the light bulbs in the reception area?

Seriously, this 'unfinished business' can have a really negative affect on your energy for promoting yourself.  Are you raising an eyebrow at this point and saying to yourself "Really, are you serious"? 

Well try it and see what happens, at the end of the day what can you lose?  

How can you identify if there are any blocks? Either talk things through with a friend or colleague, or notice your self-talk. If you hear yourself saying "I really should..."; or "I can't do that until..." make a note and TAKE ACTION.

Both of us get positive feedback from clients where we've asked them to address these sorts of issues - sometimes those clients can be VERY surprised at the results! 

Take Action to deal with debilitating blocks so you can feel abundant

Nic and Debs


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