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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Getting more followers on social media

Being Sociable with Social Media

Once upon a time there was a hypnotherapist called Nicola Griffiths.  At the time she was working at the Fairford Therapy Centre and got her lunch on Mondays (her day in Fairford) from Cafe 7a next door.  She Tweeted 'I love Cafe 7a's paninis', to which Cafe 7a replied 'Thank you very much'.  Next, Lick The Spoon Chocolate shop tweeted back 'We love their chocolate brownies but are not allowed them as on a diet'!  To which Cafe 7a replied 'You need to go and see Nicola Griffiths!!'.  

And that's how social media works.  Not by hard sell but by interacting with your audience.

However, it's all very well coming up with good content, but it's not much good if you haven't got that audience to share your information with. 

Here are just a few ideas to increase your social media audience

1.  Twitter.  Go onto therapists' Twitter pages in your geographic location and click on their 'Followers'.  Some of these 'followers' are people interested in therapy, others will be trying to sell things. It's up to you to decide who you will follow from this list.  In doing so you're encouraging them to follow you back.

2. Facebook. Once signed onto Facebook and operating as your business page (not as your public profile), search on groups who may be talking about your therapy i.e. massage / acupuncture /bowen therapy etc.  Once you find these groups, interact without selling and once you've integrated yourself, occasionally post your Facebook business page address to encourage visitors.

3. Facebook.  More recently Facebook has been making changes to its algorithms that limit the number of people who see a page's Facebook post. Box clever and use your business page as a resource rather than a sales page.  Post comments that educate your audience about health and/or your therapy, include humour occasionally, really inspire your readers rather than taking the lazy route of just posting whatever happens to be to hand.  This encourages visitors to return to your page!

4. All social media.  It's unlikely your customers are scattered across multiple social media channels, so make the most of your limited time and find the one channel eg Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/LinkedIn/ Google+ etc, that is either the one you prefer to use OR densely populated with your ideal customers.  Then perfect using it like no other!!!

5. All social media.  Think about what you talk to your clients about when they're with you then replicate this in your social media.  What they find interesting as they talk to you is what others will want to read about.  Make your online presence engaging. 

Advice from Richard Branson:

Finally, we'll leave you with Richard Branson's top three tips for social media:

1. Social media isn't just a one-way street.  

2. Tell a few jokes.

3. Give them the genuine article.

 i.e. make sure you interact with your followers rather than bombarding them with sales messages; be a real human and include the humour; make sure your posts and tweets provide a true reflection of yourself, and not just your professional persona.  

As Richard says: "Whether on social media, on a plane or in the office, you (and your business) are far more likely to make an impression if you let your real personality shine through."  This is why we say "You are your secret weapon" when it comes to marketing.  Be passionate and fun. 

As we are always saying, research has proven that the therapeutic alliance is more important than the therapy itself.  A big part of you can be portrayed via your social media which means you're building that therapeutic rapport before the client even walks in your door!

Take Action to build your followers on Social Media.

Nic and Debs


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