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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths
Nic and Debs manning their stand!

Raise your profile via events

Events are a great way of reaching a wide audience

Whether it’s an organised event that you attend or one that you have arranged yourself.

Let’s imagine you have been invited to take part in a Health and Well-being event at your local Town Hall. Getting your stand or display prepared is relatively straightforward. You will, of course, take leaflets and business cards to hand out to passers-by and will contrive a means to strike up a conversation:

  • A simple quiz, such as ‘Can you tell which essential oils are on these cotton wool pads’
  • Prepare some Happiness / Stress Questionnaires (there are loads of examples online) and invite people to find out how happy / stressed they are
  • Ask people to fill in a sticky post-it with something that has made them smile today

If it’s the kind of event that has workshops or talks, volunteer your services. If you’re nervous about public speaking, take a friend or ask for a volunteer and give a demo of your services with a running commentary.

Promoting your presence is the single most important aspect for getting the most from your attendance.  Many therapists rely on the event organisers to attract attendees, but you can play an active part in attracting people to your stand:

  • If the event has a programme handed out to attendees, make sure you are included – there may be a small charge, but it will be worth it
  • If the event has a charity raffle, offer a prize, such a relaxation or “good night’s sleep” pack. Make sure you tuck some of your leaflets and business cards into the pack. Tell anyone who visits your stand that you have donated a prize, and what it is – it will encourage them to buy tickets (great for the charity) and the chances are they will want your prize (and you will stick in their mind)
  • Tell all your existing clients you are attending the event and invite them to have a chat at your stand. Why? Well, they are unlikely to come on their own and you may well get introduced to their friend / family member. It’s another opportunity to spread the word
  • Alert your former clients by sending a quick email inviting them to come and let you know how they’re getting on
  • Spread the message across your online presence:
  1. Your blog
  2. Facebook posts (several posts leading up the event)
  3. Tweets (again Tweet more than once)
  • Some organisers arrange for an advertorial in the local press and it’s worth paying for a space to let people know you are attending
  • Remember to get some photos of you at your stand / giving a talk for your blog,  e-newsletter and social media posts

Remember getting your stand organised is only part of the deal – you can make it work much harder for you by actively and enthusiastically promoting your presence.

Good luck – and let us know how you get on.

Nic and Debs 



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