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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

Creating a Coordinated Campaign

Promoting your business is an ongoing activity.

Even when you’re busy it’s imperative to keep the marketing ball rolling.  If things go quiet it’s easier to ramp up existing promotions than it is to gear things up from a cold start.

This continuous activity helps to keep you in the public’s awareness and the more often they see you, the more likely they are to turn to you should they decide they need the help of a therapist.

In addition to this consistent drip-feed, it’s really helpful to run short, sharp coordinated campaigns once or twice a year.  Campaigns can be for time-sensitive events, eg the opening of your new therapy centre, New Year’s resolutions, helping with post-holiday blues, etc.

Alternatively, you can create campaigns around wellbeing issues, eg weight management, insomnia, headaches.

Tips for creating a campaign:

·         Create a word document containing all your material connected with the subject – who, what when, where, why

·         This document forms the backbone of all your subsequent material, you only need to create the content once

·         Convert subsets of the document into various formats:

o   Press release

o   Facebook posts

o   Blog post

o   Tweets

o   Press advert

o   Adwords advert

o   Posters

o   Door to door leaflets

·         Create a schedule, taking into account any publication copy deadlines, ensuring you can focus your promotional material in a suitably tight timescale for maximum impact

·         Launch the campaign with a flourish and maintain the momentum by rolling out your scheduled activities

·         Track the level of uplift in enquiries during and shortly after the campaign to measure its success

·         Enthuse, enthuse, enthuse

Why run a coordinated campaign?

·         Researching and focusing on a particular issue will help to inspire and energise you

·         The campaign will help to inspire and energise the public, encouraging them to take action

·         Your new promotional material will stand out from your ongoing promotions

·         It sends a message to the public that you’re active and dynamic

·         Making the material generic means you can roll out the campaign every year or so

Take Action to create a co-ordinated campaign to turbo charge your promotions.

Have a great month!

Debs & Nic.


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