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Time flies when you're not watching!

We’re probably all aware of how fast time flies.  This can have a tremendous impact on our marketing material.

We recommend reviewing all of your marketing material at least twice a year. You’ll be surprised at how much might have changed.  Maybe you have moved to a new therapy centre, joined a new Professional Association or gained a new qualification.  Alternatively, perhaps some of the organisations you are associated with have revamped their logo or totally rebranded.

But reviewing your material is more basic than that. We are often asked to look over other therapists’ promotional material and we usually find simple improvements that will easily increase the impact of the material.

Take time out to see if your marketing material will pass these 10 basic tests:

  1. Does your website say where you practise from? We’ve seen websites that don’t even mention what town the practitioner works in. 
  2. Is your phone number clearly visible on all pages of your website? Make sure it’s as easy as possible for visitors to contact you while they’re in the mood, regardless of which page they are on.
  3. Does your leaflet include your phone number, website address and email address?
  4. Check your business card for the same information.
  5. If you have paid for advertising, either online or in hard copy, does it include your website address? If there’s space include your phone number and email address too. There’s no point paying for an advert if people don’t know how to get in touch with you.
  6. Does your phone number have spaces to help people ring you? 07939 840 788 is easier to read (and ring) than 07939840788.  This is one of Nic's pet hates, she's always on about making it easier for people to get in touch!
  7. Check that your phone number is correct. Hint: ring your landline from your mobile and vice versa. Ring the numbers exactly as they are written.
  8. Do the same with your website address, type it in exactly as it is printed on your leaflets etc.
  9. Do the same with your Facebook and Twitter addresses.
  10. Send yourself a test email using the email address exactly as it is written on your marketing material.

Then maybe take a look at what has worked for you over the past year in terms of marketing?  You might want to increase the amount of marketing in that area.  More on this in a future blog post!

Take Action to carry out a review of your marketing basics.

Nic & Debs


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