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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths
Nic & Debs enjoy teaching!

Spontaneous Marketing!

Plan to be Spontaneous

As we reflect on 2017, we very much hope that yours was as successful and varied as ours.  One thing is for sure, we hadn’t anticipated the tremendous opportunities that would open up for us.

First there was Debs being challenged to become one of the first Hypnotherapists in the country to gain the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma launched by Clifton Practice (CPHT). It wasn’t on her radar for this year, but she succumbed to flattery (well, we’re all human) and pulled out the stops to submit her portfolio in time for the external verification.

How has this helped Debs’ business?  Well, first there’s the prestige of gaining the foundation degree level qualification, which sets her apart from her local competitors. Then there was the publicity generated by her achievement. In fact, even when she was burning the midnight oil to get more questions answered, she was formulating a press release within the background processor of her mind.  Within hours of being awarded the Diploma, Debs had issues her pre-prepared articles, blog post, Facebook post, e-newsletter and press release.  All of this helped to raise her profile locally.

Then there was the unexpected opportunity for us both to collaborate on a new venture within CPHT. The senior lecturer at CPHT Manchester announced he was stepping down and we were lucky enough to have been appointed to the vacant role. We both have experience of running CPHT schools elsewhere (Debs in Guildford and Nic in Belfast), so this was an easy transition for us.

How does this help with our business as therapists (and Nic as a therapy centre owner)? Well, clients like to know they are seeing experienced practitioners, and the fact that we teach the subject inspires confidence. It also hones our skills, as you really need to know a subject inside out in order to teach it.

Neither of these activities were on our radar at the beginning of the year. We hadn’t planned them, in fact we were just drawing breath from the launch of our new TMS website. However, we both had a sense that the timing was right. They were ‘now or never’ opportunities that, as well as enhancing our respective practices, would be entirely enjoyable. So we went for it!

How can you attract and tap into new opportunities that will enhance your practice?

Here are a few tips:

·         Build some down time into your schedule. Being relaxed allows the mental space for you to notice and properly evaluate opportunities when they arise. If we had still been 100% focused on launching our website, we may not have had the appetite for a new venture.

·         Does the opportunity feel right? Does it fit with your values? If it seems too good to be true, or there is an inner alarm bell ringing, then it’s probably best to let the opportunity pass.

·         Will you enjoy developing the opportunity? One of the reasons we both became self-employed was to do less of what we had to do and more of what we wanted to do. When you do something aligned with your calling it doesn’t feel like work.

·         Don’t be a slave to your plan. Be open to new opportunities, whether that’s a joint venture, renting a new therapy room to work from, teaching or becoming a guest speaker, enhancing your skills, creating a corporate de-stress programme, teaming up with other therapists to create a retreat experience…

·         The possibilities for expanding your practice are endless. But you have to be in a good head space to notice them and exploit them. Plan in time and space to allow for spontaneity.

As 2017 drew to a close we were unexpectedly presented with an exciting opportunity for developing TMS even further.  It took us the time to ping a few emails to one another to decide to pursue it. We’ll enjoy doing it, it sits well within the TMS ethos and, most of all, it feels right.  Watch this space for further details!

We both wish you all the very best for 2018.

Remember to Take Action to ensure you continue to enjoy what you do!








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