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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths
Chatting via Social Media

Facebook Changes

There are new changes afoot at Facebook

These changes will very probably impact on your business.

In a nutshell, Facebook will "prioritise posts that get conversations going”.       

Going forward, ‘comments’ you receive in reply to your posts will be valued more than a simple ‘like’ or ‘share’. So how does this impact you?

Basically, your posts may not reach an audience if you aren't getting proper interaction.  This is a real threat if you use Facebook as a free medium to attract clients.

The update applies to all post types whether you’re using your personal profile to promote your business (which is a risky strategy as Facebook disapproves of using your personal profile in this way and has been known to shut users’ accounts down) or a Facebook page.  Your post will still be subject to the new algorithm.

What can you do about it?

To maximise the impact of your free use of Facebook, you need to give valuable information that is helpful, or get chatty in a way that gets people to respond.  This means you need to consider writing longer posts, posts that get people replying rather than just 'liking'. 


·         Asking questions following an interesting statement, perhaps about wellbeing or knowledge about health?

·         Writing about something important to you, that may not be totally relevant to your business but lets people know you’re a human being – without being controversial!

·         Think about a recent conversation with a client about what you do, how would that go? Try and replicate it in a post.

Using Facebook to promote your business for free is great if you're time-rich and have the ability to do this, otherwise you might need to promote your posts; advertise with Facebook; or maybe expand your marketing into other areas?

If you consider paid use of Facebook, eg by boosting your posts or by using Facebook Adverts, whilst there is obviously a cost involved, you at least have the certainty that your message will be seen.  You can also be quite specific in the audience you target.

We recommend having a ‘balanced portfolio’ of online and offline promotions, both paid and free (acknowledging that ‘free’ can often mean time-consuming). The aim is to be seen in as many different media as possible.

We’ll be watching this space and giving you our thoughts on the changes at Facebook as things move forward. In the meantime, keep talking!!

Nic & Debs



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