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Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths Debbie pearce & Nicola Griffiths

When Less Marketing is More

How Can Less Be More?

When the two of us get together on our long trips to Manchester to teach Hypnotherapy, our conversation always turns to TMS and marketing generally.

One of the most common mistakes non-professionals make is to cram too much information into the space available. 

We were just talking about this very subject when we passed a trade van on the M6, where the sign-writing illustrated this very point.  You'll be able to see what we mean from the photo below. 

As it happened, we were on a stretch of motorway with roadworks and we were travelling very slowly, hence Nic being able to take the photo, but if we were travelling at normal speed there’s no way we could have taken all that information in.

Another mistake is to leave out vital information.  We’ve both seen press adverts and posters without a website address – a costly omission.  We’ve seen event posters missing a date, time or location – or those elements are so small, a casual passer-by won’t clock it.  Perhaps the most damaging omission is not including your location on your website.  And we don’t just mean a specific address, it’s surprising how many websites we see that don’t even indicate what town the therapist is practising in.

When deciding how much to write, think about where the reader will be, and what frame of mind they will be in, when they see your promotional material.  If they are walking or driving, you have minimal time to get the vital information across.  If they are on Facebook or Twitter, the chances are they are browsing, so you can include more details, but keep it snappy and succinct.  If they make it to your website, make sure your landing page grabs their interest – you can then include more details once you have their attention.

So, a few tips:

·         Less is more

·         Use bullet points on posters, sign writing and advertisements

·         Get in the habit of including your website on all your promotional material

·         Reserve the nitty gritty detail for your website

·         Consider using a QR code so the reader can use their mobile phone to link directly to your website

Take Action now to review your promotional material – does it get the message across clearly and succinctly?

Nic & Debs 


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