Marketing 1 - An Introduction

Deborah Pearce
By Deborah Pearce

Be in more than one place

In marketing you need to be seen in more than one place for your marketing to be truly effective.  It's no good simply putting one advert in one paper and then sitting back to wait for the phone to ring.

When launching a business, it is not unrealistic to expect a person to spend 5, 6 even 7 hours a week on their marketing activity - possibly more.  So grab every opportunity!  Thereafter it will help sustain or build your business if you spend a couple of hours a week working on this area - you never know when it might go quiet, so the marketing engine should be chugging away in the background keeping that flow of clients coming through your door.

A way of inspiring yourself is to talk to fellow therapists, not just your type of therapist, but any sort and see what works for them. Nic can recall spending an hour a week with her sister, who was a self-employed graphic designer, comparing notes on how they should market themselves.  So in actual fact it can be quite enlightening to talk to any self-employed person to exchange ideas and it's certainly a way of motivating yourself.  Being self-employed, especially as a therapist, can be quite a solo career even if you work in a clinic, so getting that interaction is important.  We bet you wouldn't have thought that sitting down with a fellow therapist was marketing, now would you?

Remember that partly the success of your marketing will be dependent on how your message is conveyed.

Not everyone is the same

When attracting new clients, it's good to remember that not all clients are the same.  Take time to consider your potential clients and what they will be looking for - do not fall into the trap of thinking they will track you down in the same way you would track yourself down!  As Nic says, there are different models of car for good reason, there are even different colour cars, why?  Because people like different things and they look for what they need in different ways.

So often we hear people advise "Don't advertise in the paper - these days it's much better to advertise on the internet".  Well to a degree they are right, it's important to have a presence on the web, but your general branding should be out there for all to see even when they're not looking for you.  Why are perfumes advertised in national magazines as well as TV?  Because people do still pick up newspapers and magazines.

Both of us advertise in local magazines, even parish magazines, as well as the internet.  We cast our net wide to capture the maximum number of views.  On the beginning of our DVD 'Do You Want More Clients', Nic introduces the course by relaying a story of how a daily newspaper reported on her success, yet as she also relays, she didn't get one piece of 'paying' business from that story.  Yet her little advert in a local publication would pull her in 3-4 clients per month on average.  It's the drip feed that's important, the 'getting your message out there' in different ways that all builds to make a successful business.

So pick up tips and ideas from this website and remember, you don't have to put it all into practice in one go, just select one or two ideas but start taking steps to increase that client base.

As hypnotherapists, Nic and Debs are always aware that we learn by repetition. Marketeers and advertisers know this too. So, how can you tap into this fundamental aspect of how our minds work? We show you how.

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