Marketing 2 - The Basics

Deborah Pearce
By Deborah Pearce

Now, where shall we start.  The beginning is always a very good place.

Your Logo

Some people are very creative and with the exceptional software you can get these days, they can produce their own logo.  We both chickened out and got a designer to produce our logo's and our branding.  See our 'Branding Page' for what you should consider from this respect.

Costs vary, if a designer feels they're going to get a sensible amount of work from you they'll come in reasonably cheap.  However, like everything, if it's a one-off then it'll come in a bit more expensive.  Consider this though, your logo will say a lot about you and will last for many years so it's worth the investment.


Your letterheads contain your logo and contact details.  It should be business like given you may be sending correspondence to companies and clients alike at some point.  You may even find yourself occasionally corresponding with someone in the medical profession.

If you feel you'll only use letterheads occasionally, there is nothing wrong with simply getting a logo designed and then producing your own letterhead in a Word document and printing out a letter straight onto your letterhead template.

Remember to check out printing costs if you want to get them professionally printed - instant print companies versus your local printer (who if you build up a professional relationship with might even introduce business to you in the future, so it's not all about costs!).

Compliments slips

An optional extra to your stationery kit, compliment slips are normally 1/3 A4 in size and they usually mirror the top third of your letterhead.  They are used as a covering note for documents or payments you might send out.

Business cards

These wonderfully convenient cards advertise your logo and contact details.  These days it is common to expand your marketing by printing on the reverse of the card, i.e. areas you treat such or maybe different clinics you practice in.

Business cards can be a useful aide memoire, so hand out whenever you can.  Always carry them on you as you never know who you might bump into.


As a therapist you can normally adapt your letterhead to become an invoice simply by typing the word invoice at the top!  At the foot of the document remember to add your terms of payment i.e. 10 days, or payment by return along with instructions on how you might take payment e.g. bank transfer/ cheque etc.


Usually a small receipt book is all that is required rather than going to the expense of printing something unique to you.  Alternatively you can offer to send a receipted invoice if a client requires confirmation of payment.

When you are starting out in business there are a number of basic elements you need as a starting kit. Getting these in place early on form the foundation of your business. They help you to kick-start your promotions.

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