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Nicola Griffiths By Nicola Griffiths

One of the key aspects of your marketing is your leaflet

The leaflet should complement your stationery and website and you may be surprised at how many you will use up if you're using them correctly.

Your main leaflet should be used in response to general enquiries, displayed in clinics, used at promotional events, given out to whoever will take them!  We recommend you give one to every new client even if they already have one - you never know who they may know!

Your leaflet should be concise and clear

Ideally you will need one generic leaflet covering your services, but remember to keep it well structured and clear - if you overload it with too much information you stand the chance of confusing your client.

A good tip here is to put yourself in your client’s shoes.  What are they looking for help with?  And what is your answer to their problem?  Your answers could form your main headlines, with explanations on how you can help.

Have a small section on who you are and your qualifications which, ideally, should be towards the end followed by your contact details.

Maybe refer them to your website for your prices so that the leaflet doesn't date should you need to change them.  Your website should be your main portal of information, your leaflet is a general guide to what you do with a big signpost to your website for further information.


Getting hold of a few of your competitors’ leaflets may help you decide on what you want to say and how you can present it. Leaflets come in all shapes and sizes - the example below shows an A4 leaflet that folds to 1/3 A4 (known as a trifold).  This neatly fits in a standard DL envelope and into most clinic display units.

Light, appealing and not crammed for space.

The photography in your marketing material is important.  There are a number of reputable and very reasonably priced photo libraries where you can download images.  It really does help if you have a photo of yourself within your brochure, it begins the therapeutic alliance before the client even picks up the phone.  Some people don't like having their photo taken but you have to understand that if you want more clients then this is a key way of getting them!


The higher the quantity you print initially, the lower the unit cost.  Therefore consider the lifespan of your leaflet and try to ensure that the content is reasonably generic and unlikely to change such as your prices or your address.  Once you have your design layout, obtain three different quotes with reasonable quality paper, so if possible see a sample of the paper beforehand as it will have an impact on the final result.  In the UK, VAT isn't usually applicable to leaflet printing, but do check!


Think about what you like when you pick up a brochure, what makes you look through it?  Usually it's because it is relevant to you or because you like the look or feel of it.  So not only is the headline on the front cover of vital importance, but so is the overall design and the quality of the paper.

Remember to keep it simple!  What is your client looking for?  If you try to come up with clever headlines, will your potential client understand what it is you do?  A good way of checking whether you've got it right is to write out what you're thinking of doing on a piece of paper, then show it to friends/relatives WITHOUT saying a word.  Ask them to tell you what message they think you're trying to get across.  Don't get into a conversation about it as you won't be there when your client picks up your leaflet.

One of the basic tools in your marketing kit is a good quality leaflet that summarises who you are, what you do and how you can help. We explore what content you need, and how to ensure that it is as professional as possible.

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