What's Your Passion?

Deborah Pearce
By Deborah Pearce

What's my motivation?


There’s a reason we’re asking you to read this, which will become apparent at the end of the article...

Consider this scenario:  You’re sitting down over a cup of tea or coffee, maybe with a biscuit or two having a chat with a friend.  Consider what subject you have lovely feelings for, maybe your children; your pet; your last holiday? 

Now just take a proper moment to consider that conversation when you’re in full flow.  If we were there, as flies on the wall listening to that conversation, what would we notice about you as you talked?

If you truly think about it, when you talk about something you’re passionate about, what changes? Well we become enthusiastic.  Our body language changes, usually without us realizing it.  Our language patterns and tone change to the positive.  Possibly there’s more humour.  This sends a strong signal to the recipient that we’re talking about something we love or feel strongly about.

So how do you feel when you talk about your therapy?  Do you feel that passion?  If not, then why not, what’s gone wrong?  Take yourself back to when you decided to become a therapist, what were the reasons? 

Did you want to:

  • Help people?
  • Do something a bit different?
  • Become self-employed and not report into a boss?
  • Enjoy the challenge?
  • Or was it something else?

Sometimes therapists lose their initial motivation, possibly become a bit worn down by the grind of having to get new business in or maintain a certain level of business. 

The thing is, if you can tap into your original enthusiasm for your profession, this will come across to others.  Whether that’s in your place of work, out on the street or in the supermarket, if you talk with passion it’s infectious and it will draw clients in.

Nic is an avid believer in this.  She is always talking about ‘energy’.  Not only the energy we need to focus on what we want, but from a scientific perspective we are energy, so the energy we are radiating outwards can act like a magnet. 

If you’re smiling broadly when you talk about your therapy and your work then you’re sending out the right energy to attract those clients.  You just need to do some marketing to encourage them to make contact!

If you don’t feel as though you’re in the right space, what can you do about it? 

Here's our top ten tips:

  1. Book some reciprocal therapy i.e. massage, acupuncture, reflexology to get the energy moving.
  2. Make time for a coffee with a positive and enthusiastic colleague, even if you don’t know them too well.  The thing about positive energy is that its catching!
  3. Give yourself a reward, no matter how small, for each small step you take towards a positive goal. (And we don’t necessarily mean chocolate!!)
  4. Do one small thing right now, yes right now, that will move your forward.  Even if that means you then give yourself the rest of the day off. 
  5. Go for a walk in the country / local park.
  6. Watch your favourite film / comedy programme.
  7. Clear out a cupboard (surprising how good that can make you feel).
  8. Do some gardening, or sow some indoor herb seeds.
  9. Get out your keep-fit DVD and get the blood pumping
  10. If all else fails, buy our DVD!!!  The feedback has been extraordinary, it really does help motivate people, not only does it tell you what to do, but it creates some of the energy we’ve been talking about here.  Especially if you share the cost and buy it with a colleague! www.doyouwantmoreclients.com/dvd

We hope this article gives you food for thought.  Being successful as a therapist isn’t just about being good at what you do, it’s not just about being good at getting clients in.  A main part of it is self-care, looking after oneself.  So do just that, look after yourself. 

Why do you do what you do? What attracted you to become a therapist? When you radiate your passion, others pick up on it. It’s infectious. When you enthuse, your enthusiasm is mirrored by those around you. What better way of attracting clients?

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