Learn how to get more clients now!

Our marketing videos teach you how to attract more clients to your therapy practice

‘Do you want more clients?’ Double-DVD

3 hour double-DVD, filmed at live training courses! £24.95

‘Do you want more clients?’ Download

3 hour video for download, filmed at live training courses! £19.95

‘Social Media for Therapists’ Download

2.5 hour video for download, filmed at live training courses! £19.95

‘Do you want more clients?’ double-DVD

3 hour double-DVD, filmed at live training courses!

This course, filmed live in front of an audience of therapists and sole traders, is packed with practical, do-able advice about how to get more clients.

Most complementary therapy courses familiarise their students with the need for PR and Marketing, but upon talking to qualified therapists we found that can frequently be as far as it goes. In addition to that, once you've been in business for some time, you can easily forget the basics of what you need to do in order to keep those clients coming in through your door.

So not only do you have to be good as a therapist, you also have to be good at running a business and a hugely important part of that is marketing.

What will you learn from this 3- hour video?

  • The basics and how you can do more than you realise with those basics
  • Marketing you absolutely MUST do, plus when to say no!
  • Pros and cons of different media - which ones are right for you and how to use them wisely
  • Free (and nearly free) ways to get noticed. We run through public relations activities that you can start doing now and plenty of other marketing ideas which cost nothing but your time!

Plus £2.95 postage to mainland UK. 180mins double-DVD.

The good news is that marketing your therapy business is not difficult. You just need to take a few small steps and then develop the habit of repeating the activities that work for you on a regular basis. Nicola and Deborah have shown it can be done, now it's your turn!

‘Do you want more clients?’ download version

3 hour video for download, filmed at live training courses!

This is the same film as the double-DVD described above but this is a download version only. So we won’t send you a physical DVD set, but instead you will get a link after payment from which you can download an MP4 version of the film.

180mins MP4 format video file

‘Social Media for Therapists’ download version

2.5hr video for download, filmed at live training courses!

In this course, filmed at a live event, we focus on the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We demystify the way the platforms operate and how to use them to build your business.

We cover in detail Facebook & Twitter and give an overview of the remaining contenders, explaining the best ways of getting interaction with potential new clients and how to build a following.

This is a basic course designed for therapists who have not used any of these social media platforms before.

What will you learn from this video?

  • What will make social media work for you.
  • What to put on any of the social media platforms.
  • How to set up a Facebook Like page and a Twitter account.
  • Building your followers and engaging them.
  • How to get interaction from your audience and build rapport.

126 mins MP4 format video file

New to social media? Feeling like you’re lost in a foreign land without a map? We show you the ways and set you on a clear path to engagement and success!